What Inspires You?

Faces. Seeing how every little stroke can change an entire expression. Watching a person come to life through paint and pencil and brush.

Horses and felines, particularly the big cat variety. Both of these animal types are some of the most graceful and aesthetically pleasing to my eye, personally.

“Art is all about inspiration, bringing something new and magical to the world. For some, that is clouds, for others a bowl of apples. For my portraits, eyes are the biggest inspiration. Capturing the essence of a person through a shadow, a twinkle, a shade of blue. That little smirk, the curl of a lip.” Read more about Joanna Marie’s inspiration and history

Filling the world with a little beauty, hope, and subtle magic – one painting at a time.

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In Remembrance: Paul Johnson

I love to see a painting at the beginning at and the end, musing over everything that came in between and never quite sure how I got from a blank canvas to the finished painting. “In Remembrance” is a project I started up some time ago, but have only done...

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Art Journaling and Other Tidbits

I wrote a while ago (Ok, ok… a year and a half ago…) about creating an art journal (you can read about that here). At the time, I intended to do mainly Lord of the Rings art in the journal, but it largely went neglected. Today, I decided that LOTR would...

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"The Sword That Gave A Cub His Mane". This is an acrylic painting I did for an art contest for the soon to be released King Arthur: Legend of the Sword movie. 🙂

I really liked the concept shown in the movie trailer, of the disgraced prince just living a fairly normal peasant life with no real drive to win back the throne until he pulls the sword out of the stone and his life changes forever. I wanted to kind of capture that in a painting and came up with the tagline one night while laying in bed trying to sleep. Haha...
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Hands: my creative nemesis. 😛 ... See MoreSee Less

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Joanna Marie Art - Fine Art & Fantasy Portraiture shared Writing About Writing's photo. ... See MoreSee Less

Same with writing.

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