I wrote a while ago (Ok, ok… a year and a half ago…) about creating an art journal (you can read about that here). At the time, I intended to do mainly Lord of the Rings art in the journal, but it largely went neglected. Today, I decided that LOTR would not be inspirational enough to use the journal, since I have barely used it thus far. So, I designated it just as a general art journal and started a new drawing within the pages.

This is a photo of a friend of mine, that she took several months ago. I wanted to draw it as soon as I saw it. It is just a perfect picture, in every way. Crisp lines, natural but beautiful face, excellent lighting. I decided to do it as the “first” drawing in my art journal!


Here are two progress pictures of my work so far. It’s maybe 1/3 finished at this point.


IMG_4100 (2)

Besides drawing in my art journal, I was working on an In Remembrance painting (which I unfortunately can’t post here yet, since it is a gift!) and the second painting in the “Best Friends” series. For those interested, I took a photo of my current workstation. 😉 Though, it should soon change from the dining room table to an art table in the spare bedroom.


Music is, of course, the greatest necessity. ♥

Apparently, I never posted the LOTR art I did already in my art journal. Below you will find pictures of that! I’m already brainstorming the other book quotes I can add to this journal.

DSCF6488 map full map closeup  lotr page 1