I love to see a painting at the beginning at and the end, musing over everything that came in between and never quite sure how I got from a blank canvas to the finished painting.

In Remembrance” is a project I started up some time ago, but have only done a few paintings for so far. I’ve just finished another In Remembrance painting that I will be posting about later.

1. Here is the base drawing covered with my base coat of paint. I always try to lay down a base coat that both compliments and contrasts the finish product. I like the coolness of the blue, and it will be a good starting contrast against the warm skin tones I will be working with.

Paul 1

2. Blocking in some basic shapes and colors. Kinda scary looking at the moment. ­čśŤ

Paul 2

3. laying down some features on the face and starting the basic cloud shapes.

Paul 4

4. Washed over most of the dark facial features and worked more on the clouds.

Paul 6

5. Clouds finished, now to start building the face. It has most definitely entered the “ugly stage”.

Paul 7

6. The ‘Jamie Lee Curtis” stage. I don’t know why this painting went through this stage, but it’s kinda odd and funny. ­čśÇ Starting some real detail on the face, particularly the eyes.

Paul 8

7. Smoothing out the facial features and molding the hair into more the shape it needs to be.

Paul 9

8. Finished up the hair with some highlights and defining some features while smoothing out others.

Paul 10

9. The finished painting!

Paul Johnson, passed from this earth and into eternity September 11, 2014. <3

Paul 12