iPad Mini Giveaway!

I am teaming up with the lovely Andie of Mostly Happenstance to bring you an awesome iPad mini giveaway! Along with 22 other bloggers, we all chipped in and now it’s finally here!

* * *

A nursing student named Andie has spent the past 2 years learning how to be a nurse. What priority item has she wanted to purchase and will now purchase first because she has accomplished her goal?

Please note that all answers may be correct. Please choose the answer that is most correct.

A. An iPad Mini

B. Shoes

C. Makeup

D. All of the Above

Correct Answer: A

Rationale: This question is askingĀ  what she would purchase first and uses the terms priority and first which indicates that only one item should be selected. Given the title of this blog has the word ‘iPad Mini’ in it, should also indicate this is the priority item. All other items will be purchased later on.

Back to the giveaway! About 4 months ago I emailed some of my fellow bloggers and asked if they would like to help me celebrate, and boy were they excited and willing. I had 23 lovely ladies who decided to chip in and help me give an iPad mini away.

To add to their amazing-ness, they even agreed to make the entries SUPER simple! Everyone only provided 2-3 links, which were GFC/Bloglovin, Twitter, and Facebook. No instagram, pinterest, ‘click on this site and favorite this’. Just plain and simple entries which = more chances to win in a shorter amount of time.

Here are those lovely, amazing ladies:

And here is where you can enter:

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